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 Corporate Identity Manuals by Corp ID Man - A. Michael Shumate


It used to be that Corporate Identity Manuals or Brand Guidelines were only created for the big companies. But they are useful for small and medium size companies too. In the past, the only practical way to have such a document was to print it and distribute it throughout a company and anyone who might use the identity. The cost of this was one major reason why only large compnies could undertake and maintain an identity manual.

Now, distribution as a PDF or through online files has drastically reduced the cost of having an Identity Manual. Furthermore, the average office worker now has the software tools at their fingertips to use an identity–or to grossly misuse it. Even an excellent identity design can be rendered much less effective by uninformed application.

Creating Brand Guidelines also acts as a shakedown test of the identity design itself and can save a client many thousands, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars in implementation costs. We can honestly say that having a Corporate Identity Manual doesn't cost, it pays.

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