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 Consulting by Corp ID Man - A. Michael Shumate


There are different ways I can work for you to help you with corporate identity design and corporate identity manuals.
• I can work with companies on their own identity.
• I can train in house design teams so they can do the work.
• I can train design firms so they can do better work for their clients, with as much or little assistance from me as needed going forward.

The best venue for these is a two day session (such as a Friday and Saturday). I supply instruction with examples (that you can keep for reference). I will supply a range of forms and exercises that you can use with your clients to refine and direct future work.

I will also consult with design studios on Identity Manual Design as it is being created, collaborating at each step of a Corporate Identity Manual's development. That works best if you and your staff have already been trained by me. Your company makes all presentations and, after client approval, all identity implementation.

I can also create a Corporate Identity Manual for you, developing the whole manual for your studio as a subcontractor. If desired, I can assist in manual presentation to client, but your company will do all identity implementation for your client.

Due to the wide variety of identity programs and the respective variables, I will give price quotes on each project individually.

Michael Shumate