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Michael Shumate is the Corp ID Man with nearly 50 years experience in all facets of graphic design and Corporate Identity Design. In that span of time he's designed identities in all areas of branding: commercial, government, institutional, product and retail. He's also worked on identity manuals and made this an in-depth study. For 25 years as he taught Branding Design at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, he discovered fundamental principles of Identity Design. These principles are the things that remain true regardless of fads and fashions; the things that don't change. "Core Principles" is what allowed some of the identities designed by Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Chermayeff & Geismar to last for decades–some for over a half century–and still look modern and fresh.

Michael is an RGD Emeritus (Registered Graphic Designer of Ontario) and a Professor Emeritus of St. Lawrence College.

Cover of Logo Theory: How Branding Design Really Works

He Wrote the Book
Designing according to unchanging principles, work doesn't look dated or passé. Most of these principles have never been addressed in other design journals or books. They are in this one.

Ivan Charmayeff, one of the giants in identity design said about Logo Theory, "at last somebody actually understands what identity design is all about and how it is accomplished."

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